July 23 – July 24, 2019

General Sessions

Who is on your coaching staff (operator, pest boss, manage, marketer) and do they work together for the best outcome of the team? Is there such a thing as a one-man operation? Learn how to make informed decisions when it comes to pest management, equipment limitations, hybrid selection and more.

Is the reward for planting soybeans early worth the risk? Learn how to add nodes and widen the
flowering window and understand the possible pitfalls of early planting.

A good pest boss is of little value when they are not backed up by managers who can make quick decisions, and operators who can do the job timely. Participate in a simulation to show the interaction between the roles of each coach.


-Distinguish the difference between hybrid selection and hybrid placement.

-Collaborate with other coaches when selecting hybrids to eliminate conflicts.

-Learn how to get the most out of each field and each hybrid.

-As an operator, can you make the right adjustments to meet the field’s needs?

-The pitfalls of a one size fits all planting mentality.

-Learn to identify health threats and which hybrids are more susceptible.

-Learn when to treat, and the proper modes of action to use.

-Matching the nitrogen program with the hybrid’s needs.

-Balancing soil-supplied nitrogen with farmer-applied nitrogen: timing and rates

-Maximize light interception to maximize yields

-Do the rules change for population and row spacing with early planted soybeans?

-Where do the extra bushels from early planted soybeans come from?

-If your season starts early, can your team handle the increased stress?

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July 23, 2019


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