Speaking Opportunities

Our agronomists are available to speak on a wide variety of topics pertaining to crop production, water management, soil health and more.  We can offer these services in a variety of ways depending on your individual needs.

Pricing for these events can vary by the level of involvement and preparation required for each one.  Please contact our office for pricing and available dates.

At Our facility

Indoor Meeting: These meeting can be tailored to fit your individual needs.  We can make these sessions as turnkey as you want; providing just the facility and speakers, to provide everything needed for the day.  We can be as hands on or hands off throughout the day as you wish.  Outside food and drink is welcome if you have your own caterers for the event, as well as outside presenters if you have other speakers you would like to have talk at the same event.  Facilities are available year around schedule permitting.

Indoor-Outdoor Field Day Event

This event combines indoor sessions with outdoor displays and/or hands on activities.  Indoor sessions are usually coupled with outdoor in field sessions to reinforce the classroom learning in a hands-on atmosphere.  These sessions can be on a variety of topics as well.  Days can be catered to meet your specific needs and level of involvement just as the indoor meetings above.  Outside demonstrations areas are subject to size and availability and will need to be planned well in advance of any field day.  Agronomic coaches will divide participants into small groups and guide them through the outdoor sessions where attendees put to use the knowledge gained from the indoor classroom sessions.

At Your facility

We will travel to your location to speak at one of your events.  We can speak for just a couple hours, or a couple days depending on how your event is structured and scheduling constraints. When possible, we do like to coordinate ahead of time to work in some local examples for your audience.  These may include recent weather data for your area, plant or soil examples from nearby fields, and or soil or field data from some of your attendees or customers.