2022 Farm Journal Corn and Soybean College

July 26 – July 27, 2022

The Farm Journal Corn and Soybean College is a 2-day event that brings together presenters, farmers, and industry personnel that are passionate about raising the bar in farming. This is an unsponsored event making more time for our agronomists to spend with attendees, getting their questions answered, and more time to spend in the field.

As always, the event in Heyworth, IL has all new content each year and includes material on corn and soybeans. It is a packed event that gives attendees applicable knowledge via a blend of inside classroom sessions and in-field hands-on sessions. As a bonus, attendees of the in-person event on July 26th and 27th, 2022 will also receive a ticket to attend the 1-day Crop-Tech Virtual Winter College on January 5th, 2023. Material for the 1-day virtual event is a portion of the 2-day in-person event and will include updates to show the follow through to yield with live Q & A segments throughout the day. People can register for just the virtual event for $200, but it is included at no additional cost in the ticket package for those attending the in-person event.

Day one sessions start at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 26th and will go through dinner. Day two starts at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 27th and sessions will go up to lunch. We will finish the day with Q & A following lunch. Our agronomists will be available until the questions run out, so come with your lists!

The two-day field event will include material on Corn and Soybeans and will again be an unsponsored event making more time for our agronomists to spend with attendees and more time to spend in the field. As always, we will have indoor sessions and outdoor hands-on sessions. It is a rain or shine event.

2022 Agenda

General Sessions:

How to Manage Tar Spot When the Cards Are Against You
Tar Spot is a new player at the table, and we need to learn its strategy. Weather conditions are key for all diseases and the environment you are dealt will dictate how you play your hand. Don’t let tar spot make you fold early.

Texas Hold ’em Simulation
Try your hand with the materials learned from Day 1. There are many different combinations of management styles, but how will your management style succeed with the cards you’re dealt.

Putting Together a Soybean Straight
To win the pot with a straight, you need your cards in order. From early planting to timely harvest, and everything in-between: variety, seed treatments, population, row spacing, herbicide timing, insect management, disease control, and a good growing season have to be in order. Any missing cards could turn your straight into a bluff.

Breakout Sessions:

Tissue Testing: Strategy or Bluff
Will knowing your numbers give you an advantage at the table or not? Tissue tests can be a wildcard, learn when and how they can be used before going all-in.

Giving Fungus the Royal Flush
In a time of high prices with labor and equipment shortages, it is crucial to understand the disease triangle and bring the 4R’s to fungicide application. To get a royal flush, you not only have to have the highest cards, but also the right sequence. Often timing is more important than the product. Knowing the right application windows for what you are targeting is key.

Can You Raise Your Bet With Lower Bean Populations?
Higher populations is a safe bet in terms of weed control and soybean yield. Is lowering the population with early planted beans with improved singulation and spacing really a gamble?

Is Sulfur an Ace in the Hole?
Don’t play blind when it comes to managing hybrids. Some hybrids just need a strong start to bring in the bushels and others need hand holding all the way through black layer. Knowing what hybrids are in your hand makes the hold or fold decision easier. You may have to discard a hybrid if it doesn’t fit your management style.

Doubling Down on your Straps and Chains
Growers are often playing fast and loose with how they prepare equipment for transfer. Your ownership of the farm is running on chains and straps. Learn how to legally tie down equipment and supplies on a trailer before an accident forces you out of the game.

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July 26, 2022 – July 27, 2022


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