Virtual Farm Visit

What Comes With the Service:

  • Pest boss assistant makes 2 trips to field in the July –Early September window
  • Does deep dives at 3 specific locations selected by grower and agronomy team looking for:
    • Issues below ground (tillage layer, root system issues, etc.)
    • Disease pressure  (Identify type and quantify amount)
    • Insect pressure  (Identify type and quantify amount)
    • Pictures of any disease, insect, and issues found as well as top, middle, and bottom shots of the plants.
    • Scouting for nutrient deficiencies
    • Looking at stand issues (Looking for non –uniform plants and diagnosing the cause)
    • 1st visit will do a stand count and projected ear count. 2nd  visit will have actual ear counts and kernel counts.
    • Checking for light hitting the ground and canopy closure.
    • Dig a root ball and bring back to the office to wash and
      evaluate for feeding
    • Splitting plants to check for issues present inside the stalks
    • Scouts on path to deep dive sites as well
    • Takes geo-tagged pictures and detailed notes which will be reviewed by a CTC agronomist. Report and geo-tagged
      pictures will be sent to grower within 48 hours of field visit.
  • Can call the office with questions from the report and will get access to the pictures and notes from the visit.
  • Will review pictures and information at Yield Mapping time.


  • Field must be active and on cycle in the 2-year program and located in Illinois.
  • Selected scouting area must have access to a road, lane, or waterway
  • Grower will select 60 acres or less of the field that are contiguous for the location of the 3 deep dive sites (More acres and sites can be added for a fee but added acres must be contiguous)
  • A single operation can not have more than 10 fields in the program and the program will be capped at 10,000 acres for the first year.