Being a Crop-Tech Client Includes:

  • Testing of Fields by Integrated Management Zones

    Testing of fields by integrated management zones in a two year rotation. These zones are created using soil type, yield maps, field topography, and thermal and NDVI images. This is the basis for moving a farming operation forward in precision farming.

  • Fertility Recommendations by Management Zone

    Fertility recommendations by management zone on a two year rotation. These recommendations include variable rate fertilizer and lime recommendations and maps. The shorter sampling cycle allows for tighter margins in fertilizer rates with a focus on getting and maintaining optimum nutrient levels. This membership also allows for members of the farming operation to sit down with a CTC agronomist to go over soil test results and recommendations and help develop a plan specific to that farming operation

  • Yield Data

    As part of the program farmers can also submit their yield data and CTC will overlay the soil lines on the yield maps. Members of the farming operation and a CTC agronomist will then sit down and go over the yield maps (and thermal or NDVI images if ordered) looking for prevalent management zones that can help tighten up the precision in how the field is broken down. This is a time to take stock of how the year went and what to improve for next year to get that next bushel.

  • Invited to Meeting, Clinics, and Field Days

    Invited to meeting, clinics, and field days hosted by Crop-Tech Consulting.

Members Can Also Choose To Order The Following:

  • Variable Rate (VRT) Population Recommendations

    Variable Rate (VRT) population recommendations and maps. CTC will provide a VRT population file that is compatible with the farmers planting device as well as a paper map showing the different population layout.

  • ISNT Testing

    ISNT testing on fields. This test helps to give farmer and agronomist an idea of the nitrogen supplying power of the soils in the field and is a prerequisite for doing variable rate nitrogen.

  • Variable Rate Nitrogen Recommendations

    Variable rate nitrogen recommendations and maps. Crop-Tech has found one of the keys to breaking through the yield plateau is a successful nitrogen program. An important step in creating a successful program is figuring out where nitrogen dollars should be placed to be most effective. To order a variable rate nitrogen recommendation CTC must have ISNT results for the field.

  • Thermal Images

    Thermal images can be ordered through CTC. These precision pictures are taken throughout the growing season showing crop health and temperature and have become an invaluable tool allowing for reaction to problems before they show up in the yield map.

  • NDVI Images

    NDVI images are another service growers can purchase through Crop-Tech. This image is taken once in the growing season and shows crop health. These can also help in operations that have trouble getting calibrated yield maps.