2023 Crop-Tech Consulting Virtual Winter College

Crop-Tech Virtual Winter College will be a 1-day session on January 5th, 2023. We will take a portion of our 2-day in-person event to create the agenda for this 1 day virtual event. The day will include updates to show the follow through to yield and will also have live Q & A segments throughout. The event will be on January 5th but attendees will also be able to review the material for two weeks after the live event.

We have selected 5 sessions from the two-day in person 2022 Summer Corn and Soybean College to put together a 1-day Virtual Winter College.

  • Sessions will start on Thursday, January 5th at 8 a.m. Central Standard Time, break for lunch, and then conclude around 4 p.m.
  • The day will feature agronomists: Ken Ferrie, Isaac Ferrie, and Matt Duesterhaus. There will be live question and answer segments throughout the event.
  • The virtual meeting will be on the WebinarJam platform. No camera or microphone needed. Attendees can submit typed questions during the meeting via the chat box.
  • If you attended the in-person event in 2022 you are already registered for the virtual day, but if you weren’t able to make it in person this summer you can purchase the virtual event for $200+processing. Registering a group of 10 or more will earn you a $50 discount per ticket.

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Presentation List:

  • How to Manage Tar Spot When the Cards Are Against You
    • Tar Spot is a new player at the table, and we need to learn its strategy. Weather conditions are key for all diseases and the environment you are dealt will dictate how you play your hand. Don’t let tar spot make you fold early.
  • Putting Together a Soybean Straight
    • To win the pot with a straight, you need your cards in order. From early planting to timely harvest, and everything in-between: variety, seed treatments, population, row spacing, herbicide timing, insect management, disease control, and a good growing season have to be in order. Any missing cards could turn your straight into a bluff.
  • Is Sulfur an Ace in the Hole?
    • Sulfur is an ace among the secondary nutrients. With reduced sulfur emissions, there are not as many sulfur cards getting dealt. A player in the game of high stakes Poker needs to understand the 4R’s of Sulfur. How does the sulfur card play in soybeans? In the past it has been hard to get a consistent response to sulfur applications, but with changing environmental factors this requires a second look.
  • When to Go All in on a Hybrid and When to Fold
    • Don’t play blind when it comes to managing hybrids. Some hybrids just need a strong start to bring in the bushels and others need hand holding all the way through black layer. Knowing what hybrids are in your hand makes the hold or fold decision easier. You may have to discard a hybrid if it doesn’t fit your management style.
  • Can You Raise Your Bet With Lower Bean Populations?
    • Higher populations is a safe bet in terms of weed control and soybean yield. Is lowering the population with early planted beans with improved singulation and spacing really a gamble?

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January 5, 2023





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