In this week’s Boots In The Field Report Ken gives the green light locally to plant fully treated beans for early planting with the understanding that there is always a risk that you may have to replant if we get a heavy frost. If forecast locally is correct then also giving a yellow light to plant corn Wednesday through noon Saturday to get the first day willies out. Understanding that the corn will most likely be in the ground until May 1st if the forecasted weather between now and then holds true. Ken reminds growers that they will have trouble with spike down plants being late emergers and that this is NOT the time to use those seed samples that had poor seed test results coming back. He also reminders growers that if you can ribbon the soil 1 inch below your tillage pass than you are going to create a compaction layer by running in too wet conditions. Use your own field conditions (on a field-by-field basis) and the depth and type of tillage tool you are using to guide when it is fit to run in each of your fields.