In this week’s Boots In The Field report Ken covers why it is more important than usual this year to calibrate the yield monitor to make sure growers are capturing spatially accurate yield maps. These dry years can give clues to where perched water tables and sand lenses are located out in the field. Ken also advises harvest scouting teams to stay on top of the push test, as some hybrids are flat coming apart. He recommends if scouts find that hybrid failing the push test, that they check the other fields it is planted in as well. If growers are running into anomalies in the field like the low ground suffering in yield compared to the high ground, Ken encourages getting off the combine to do a quick check on stand count, ear count, and plant condition to help determine what the issue was before all the evidence is gone.  Ken also reminds growers to check for header loss, especially in these low branching soybeans.