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Airscout iPad & Computer Tutorial and Link

By |May 27th, 2015|

Boots In The Field Report for May 26th

By |May 26th, 2015|

In this week’s Boots In The Field Report, Ken talks about how the plots are coming along, insect watch for Cutworm and Army worm, replanting and growth delay, and finally watching out for the carbon penalty.


Why Early Season Stand Counts Are Extremely Important

By |May 21st, 2015|

The Importance of Early Season Stand Evaluations:

Stand Counts Can Be Deceiving From The Road:

Stand Counts Can Be Deceiving From The Road!

By |May 20th, 2015|

Ken stresses the importance of getting in the field to conduct actual stand counts and do emergence evaluations.

Insect Watch: Cutworm Scouting

By |May 15th, 2015|

Cutworm scouting should be taking place especially in fields that are no till or contained cover crops this spring. Ken walks through what to look for when scouting and what fields may be the most susceptible.

The Importance of Early Season Stand Evaluations

By |May 12th, 2015|

In this clip Ken discusses the importance of early season stand evaluations, early season is the only time that we can investigate whether missing plants were actually missing seeds or a result of hindered germination or emergence. We can also predict the projected ear count by evaluating how evenly our stand emerged.