Pre-Solstice Flowering-Why It Matters

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Planting beans early to encourage pre-solstice flowering is focusing on adding more pods at the base of the plant. The pods need to be ½ inch or longer in length to make them more stable before the rows close to be able to hang onto those pods. Adding 2 pods per plant can [...]

Soybean Frost Replant Information

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Ken and crew grabbed some footage today to help growers evaluate marginal fields to see if replant is the best option. Beans in the I-80 corridor that had 4 nights of frost are causing calls about marginal bean fields leading to questions about replanting. The early planted beans come at a yield premium [...]

Boots In The Field Report March 11, 2021

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The Sins of Spring presentation has caused a lot of questions about how a tillage system with TWO compaction layers (shallow and deep) was beating one with only one deep layer and how a vertical format was beating them both by quite a margin. In this in-depth Boots In The Field Report, [...]

Boots In The Field Report February 28, 2020

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In this week's Boots in The Field Report Ken runs the number on Starter. While he shares the advantage he has seen to starter, he also cautions that you can spend yourself into a negative ROI if you aren't careful. 

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