In this week’s Boots In The Field Report, Ken shares yield check numbers and pollination issues he is finding during field visits due to drought and wind damage. He covers why it is important to take note of how hybrids handled the heavy wind pressure and encourages growers with the option to put up drones to check how fields survived heavy wind to make sure yield checks don’t need to be adjusted.
During field visits this week, most beans were in the R3-R5 stage. Ken warns that once most beans hit R5 they are going to stop growing. This means weeds are about to blow past the beans, especially in 30 inch rows. He reminds growers that spraying at the R5 time frame will come with a yield hit, and cautions growers to look at other options for trying to manage the weed pressure. Ken also covers the weed of volunteer corn in bean fields and what that means for growers wanting to plant non-GMO corn in those fields next year.